Through her art, Young examines and explores aspects of ephemerality and inscrutability as it relates to the human experience. Investigation and visual delineation of the circuitous rhythm of destruction followed by subsequent uncanny outcome and resurgence are at the core of her practice. Her heavily and intricately built layers of paper on canvases are copiously peeled, stripped, and sanded in order to reveal what’s underneath – encouraging viewers to ponder on the remnants of post destruction and the unpredictable outcome as a result. In the end, Young expresses universal human experience of ultimate death and its ironic exchangeability with life onto a canvas by performing the acts of building, annihilating, and eventually, birthing and revealing anew.


Young received her BA in Philosophy from Occidental College, and post graduate studies in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. She has exhibited and placed her works throughout the United States and internationally. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Nashville.